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Last Modified :Wednesday 06 FEB 2019, 14:08 PM
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Deputy Commissioners of Excise of Divisions

Deputy Excise Commissioners of Divisions have all the powers and duties of the Commissioner of Excise within their respective jurisdiction subject to the concurrence and control of the Excise Commissioner. They are the administrative head of the Excise Division, which are formed coterminous with the revenue districts in the State. Their important powers and duties are:

  • Issue of import and export permits.
  • Issue of special transport permit.
  • Issue of licences for manufacture, possession and sale of liquor on orders by the Commissioner.
  • Issue of authorisation for search/arrest under the NDPS Act.
  • Issue of orders for destruction of crops illegally cultivated under NDPS Act.
  • Issue of orders confiscating/releasing vehicles or articles involved in Abkari offences.
  • Convener of District Level People‚Äôs Monitoring Committee.
  • Appointing and transferring authority of Preventive Officers, Excise Guards, Drivers and Part Time Sweepers in the Divisions concerned.
  • Inspection of all subordinate offices and supervision of the work of all subordinates within his jurisdiction.
  • Empowered to exercise all the powers and to discharge all the duties conferred and imposed on Abkari officers under Sections 31,32,34, 35,38,39,53 &59,67 and 67 A of the Abkari Act I of 1077 within their respective jurisdiction